Senior Thesis: War Story

As some of my readers may know, I am currently working on my senior thesis at Chapman University! I upload various information and updates here. They go in reverse chronological order (new updates will be on top). Please feel free to leave thoughts and critiques in the comments. Thanks!

Update #5: DONE!!

Hi all! Thanks so much for checking in on my thesis progress. I’ve finally finished and have some photographs of my work that I would like to share with you.

The title of my series is War Story, after the chapter “How To Tell A True War Story” from The Things They Carried  by Tim O’Brien. Artists continue to tell true stories, whether or not the events they document ever happened. The titles of each piece were taken from that chapter as well.

A true war story makes it difficult to tell the true from the perceived.

A true war story is determined by the questions you ask.

A true war story does not generalize.

A true war story continues to be told.

A true war story does not have a point.

A true war story does not always have a moral.

A true war story makes the stomach believe.

And here are some pictures from the gallery opening on April 16th!

I’m glad to be on the other side of this immense project, but it was a blast and I had an amazing time getting to know my fellow artists Gunnar Rees, Martha Cowley, Jenny Draime, and Alex Blair. They will all be graduating this May, and I wish them the best of luck on their journeys into the real world!

Thanks to everyone for all the support, it’s greatly appreciated. Much love to all of you!

Show date: April 16-20. Show opening at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University on Monday, April 16th at 5:30 PM.

Update #4: More works, still in progress.

Hi everyone! Since my last update, I’ve gone through my class crit, as well as finished all of my underdrawings for my pieces. In fact, only one piece lacks color! At my current point, I’m estimating that all my pieces have 10 hours or less (a couple may only need an hour) until they are finished! That being said, I do have seven pieces, and only 35 days until my show opening!

I’m definitely feeling the pressure. However, here are my updates! All pieces are still unnamed, and all have been worked on since the last update (although it might be hard to tell for #1-#3).

Class Critique, WIP installation

Class Critique, WIP installation-February 15

My workspace this weekend (Mal Reynolds/Nathan Fillion is helping, as you can see)

My workspace this weekend (Mal Reynolds/Nathan Fillion is helping, as you can see)

Untitled #1, WIP

Untitled #1, WIP

Untitled #2, WIP

Untitled #2, WIP

Untitled #3, WIP

Untitled #3, WIP

Untitled #4, WIP

Untitled #4, WIP

Untitled #5, WIP

Untitled #5, WIP (Currently the only piece with no color)

Untitled #6, WIP

Untitled #6, WIP

Untitled #7, WIP

Untitled #7, WIP

Update #3: Works in progress

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share some of my works-in-progress (WIPs) with you. These are the three pieces I have that are farthest along. For now, they are untitled. I’ll work on that.

Where the magic happens.

Untitled #1, WIP

Untitled #2, WIP

Untitled #3, WIP

Update #2: Study paintings

These paintings were done to help work out a couple different ideas, as well as working through different layouts. They are not polished at all, as I am just working out color and how to use the medium (watercolor).

Study painting #1, Jennie, Billy, and boot

Study painting #2, Amigo and tags

Study painting #3, possible layout

Update #1: Mission statement

This is not a project about nostalgia. This is a project about self-discovery, and self-recovery. The viewer experiences the twenty-year-old Jennie interacting with the 4 to 9-year-old versions of herself. It is turning the simple snapshot into a piece of fine art.

Through my senior exhibition, the pieces explore the idea of interacting with memories without being nostalgic. The photographs that were chosen are ones that trigger an important memory for the artist. They are then transcribed through watercolor onto a 22” x 30” sheet of paper. These “arrangements” change as the focus of each separate piece changes. Rather than painting the photographs separately and on their own, they will remain objects. By processing these objects through a third means, and one that is not photography, it further distances the photographs as memories, and they instead become part of a still life.


2 thoughts on “Senior Thesis: War Story

  1. Jennie …

    Thanks so much for the invitation to the show. As you know, I love your work and would like nothing better than to attend. In all honesty, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to be on the West Coast at that time, but I’ll see what I can do. In any event … many, many congratulations on a wonderfull culmination to your undergraduate college career.


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