Graphic Design

Even though I tend to gravitate towards fine art, I also love graphic design. Here are some of my school projects and commissioned work (with permission). They are organized with my most recent work at the top of the page.

Obama For America, Colorado

Early Voting flyer

Early Voting flyer

These were done for the Grand Junction, Colorado office of Obama for America as advertisements on a local college campus to get people to vote early. They were half-page flyers that were handed out to students. These assignments were usually given within 24 hours of needing them, along with edits made. I personally enjoyed these challenges, however, because I got to blend my love of politics and my love of art. (2012)

Gamma Beta Phi, Honor Society

Gamma Beta Phi, Brotank (front)

Gamma Beta Phi, Brotank (back)

Gamma Beta Phi, Brain Power

Gamma Beta Phi is a national honor society that I am a part of in college. This past year, I got to design two of the official GBP shirts. Shirt design is much different from business design, so it was both challenging and rewarding to complete these works, as well as see people wearing my designs around campus! (2012)

Promotional Edge, Advertising Company

Postcard mailer for Promotional Edge, front

Postcard mailer for Promotional Edge, back

Promotional Edge is a full-service promotional advertising company. I was contacted to create a postcard mailer to celebrate their twentieth anniversary with their customers.  Above are examples of the front and back of the mailer that was sent out earlier this year. (2012)

Drummond Marketing, Consulting Firm

Please click to enlarge

Drummond Marketing is a consulting firm that has its emphasis in strategic marketing planning and implementation. I was contacted to create a logo for the company, as well as fill up a website template, create business cards, letterheads, as well as other labels and business formalities. Above is an example of their new logo. (2011)


Please click to enlarge

A final project for my graphic design class, we had to come up with an ad for a holiday movie. I chose to create an ad for Target selling a re-release of Love Actually. This is an example of a possible web ad “in situ,” meaning in the situation it is intended for. (2010)

Please click to enlarge

Jennie’s Bakery was a final project for my typography course. We were told to come up with a typographical logo for a store using either our first or last name. We were not allowed to use images, or alter the letters to resemble images in any way. I decided to base the logo off of my own handwriting. The original logo is below, and the “in situ” image is above, which is how the logo would be displayed as a monogram on the side of take-home boxes. (2010)

Please click to enlarge

Reminisce was a typography project, in which we were given the word “reminisce” and the font Futura Medium, and were told to come up with twelve different designs involving the word. This was my favorite of the dozen I made. (2010)

Please click to enlarge

Drummond Middle School’s logo was created for a graphic design project, where we created our own school, and then designed a logo for it using only two colors. We had to create a large logo that can be used on a gym floor and apparel (above), and a logo that can be used when reduced to 1.5 inches or smaller (below). (2010)


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